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Four new tourist routes created in Rasht


Four new tourist routes have been created in the Rasht region, in the east of Tajikistan, with the aim of attracting tourists and creating conditions for them.

As reported in the Tourism Development Committee of the Republic of Tatarstan, the first tourist route includes three days along the Dushanbe-Rasht route - Jafr and Kamarob gorges.

The second tourist route, lasting 6 days, provides for tourists to visit the Rasht region, the Jafr and Khoit gorges, and the third, two-day route, will run through the territory of Rasht - from the center of Rasht to the Kamarob and Tagoba gorges.

The fourth tourist route is also a two-day one and covers the territory from the center of Rasht to the village of Jafr.

Also 26 guidebooks were prepared for the implementation of the routes developed by the tourism development department of the region in cooperation with the travel company "Javohir-sayr".

In order to further develop this sector and identify tourism opportunities in the region, the "Program for the development of tourism in the Rasht region for 2018-2020" and the promotion of tourism sites through television and the Internet, especially in social networks, have been adopted.

Currently, there are 4 hotels, two homestays, two restaurants, 7 fast food outlets, 10 canteens, three museums, 47 medical centers, one regional airport, one tourist information center in the Rasht region.

The attention of tourists is mainly attracted by the gorges Kamarob, Jafr, Yasmand, Siyohdara, the springs of Yahakpast, Foloma, Jafr and Khazorchashma.

It should be noted that last year 2,273 domestic and foreign tourists visited the tourist sites of the Rasht region.

Emomali RahmonFabulously beautiful landscape and nature of Tajikistan is unique and one the best tourist destinations in the world from the perspective of civilization and hospitality, climate, weather, landscape, sky-high mountains, delicious fruits, wonderful glaciers, healing waters, lakes and springs with pure water, flora and fauna, national customs and traditions.


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